Changes Ahead: No More ATAR Bonuses for Tough Subjects in WA Schools

Western Australia is changing the educational system and making it more equitable. For that, they are taking a significant step towards this. Being a high school student, you must have heard about the ATAR bonuses. Well, if not, then let us tell you. It is some extra points you get for tackling the challenging subjects. And guess what? It is time for a quick makeover. Yep! You heard it correctly.

The WA is now scrapping these ATAR bonuses for the students enrolled in secondary schools. Yeah, now you won’t get additional marks for this. This decision is an incredible way of showing respect towards diverse communities. Furthermore, it is a commitment towards fostering an inclusive environment.

In today’s blog, we will explore the ATAR bonuses and how they will impact the WA schooling system. So, come on! Stop scrolling and get down to reading our guide. We will first start by having a background overview of these ATAR bonuses. Let’s go!

ATAR Bonuses: What’s the Fuss About It?

Imagine ATAR, AKA Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, as a golden ticket to admission to their dream universities. These bonuses have been in the system for a long time. You guys must be wondering what all the fuss is about. They are one way of determining students’ eligibility. The higher your ATAR marks are, the higher the chances you can enroll in a prestigious university. Moreover, imagine them as a secret weapon for those students brave enough to take challenging courses.

However, many students have an objection to this. They thought of this as bias towards those students already taking these subjects. Additionally, some even thought of it discouraging the children from taking other courses as they were more stressed about these ATAR bonuses.

Bonuses – The Big Change for All

Think of this change as a fair shot for everyone. Students can now choose their subjects without worrying about marks or points. And that’s what the WA government is thinking, too. Hence, they are giving it a makeover and scrapping the bonuses. Furthermore, with this, students can follow their passion and not have to indulge them in a points game.

Let’s move to the next part of our guide and see what the benefits of this are in the school system. So, let’s go!

Benefits of the Decision

1.    Fairness in Assessments

Here comes the first one. By removing these ATAR bonuses from the education system, there would now be fairness in assessment—no more bias in the grading system. Also, it will be equal footing. Furthermore, it will no longer be for those who opt for the challenging courses. Also, it is an excellent way to recognise students’ abilities and effort without sounding biased.

2.    Good Way For Encouraging Inclusivity

Honestly speaking, this move is one excellent way of recognising the diverse culture and encouraging inclusivity. It showcases the value towards multiple skills and interests.

The WA government intends to provide students the freedom to choose subjects that align with their passions. Additionally, with this, they won’t have to worry about ATAR bonuses at all. So, no more academic pressure seeking their performance.

3.    Reduce the Academic Pressure

Here comes the next reason. With ATAR bonuses out of the way, students won’t have to worry about choosing their favourite subjects. Furthermore, it alleviates their stress. Also, even services like Australia Essay Writing Service are also helping with this. For your academic help, you can go to them. They will help assist you fairly and squarely. Isn’t that incredible? No more hassle about making strategic decisions.

4.    Fostering The Love of Learning

Yep! You heard it correctly. Scrapping the ATAR bonuses from secondary schools can instil a love of learning. Imagine you can now focus on the intrinsic rewards rather than worrying about the extrinsic rewards. Moving on, this can make you more inclined towards education.

Furthermore, students can openly engage with their passions and subjects. It can make them motivated. And no more added pressure of running for the ATAR points.

Additionally, removing these points has additional benefits. It still has some challenges. And we are going to discover them in the next part. So, come on! Let’s have a look at it!


While it is a good step towards diversity by eliminating the ATAR bonuses, it still has some challenges. One of them is that students will no longer take up the complex courses. This can result in a decline in enrollments. However, policymakers and institutions can work together to eliminate this. They can bring out some benefits of using these courses.

Additionally, another one of the biggest challenges is explaining the rationale behind this decision to the students and parents. For this, they can provide clear information and a long list of advantages.

ATAR Bonuses – A Road Ahead

Let’s face it! Changes are a bit unsettling. But, you know what? This gives you an incredible opportunity for growth and development. As WA takes a step towards this initiative, the students are now the boss of their own academic journey. Furthermore, with ATAR out of the way, one can now choose their own favourite courses that make their artistic side out.

Remember, it is not a matter of the number of games anymore. Also, instead it is developing skills that can stay with you once you are done with the school. So, cheers to a successful road ahead with no worrying about grade points.


This was all for today. Honestly, the WA’s decision to eliminate the ATAR bonuses is one heck of a good idea. It fosters an inclusive and equitable schooling system, allowing students to follow their passion without worrying about grades and points anymore. Furthermore, with the education system evolving continuously, assessing the policies continuously will reduce fairness.

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