Top 10 Best Dissertation Topics for International Business Students

The complete term business dissertation can be interpreted as thorough and complex research completed by students or professionals in the subject fields of business management, administration, and related or similar fields. It is used as an integrative final project for those who are pursuing further studies e.g. Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

The major objective of a business dissertation is to add to the existing literature in the field through research by selectively researching a certain theme, problem, or question. This involves doing comprehensive literature reviews, collecting and analyzing pertinent data, and presenting logical reasons and results in a sequential order and style.

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What Topics to Choose for the Best Business Dissertations?

Identifying excellent topics of business dissertations is an essential stage of your research. A suitable topic will not only make your research effective but also build your knowledge and that of others in the field. Here are some steps to help you select the best business research topics:

Here are some steps to help you select the best business research topics:

  1. Identify Your Interests:

Begin by examining the specific personal interests around which you can build your field of business. Look at the classes you like the most, they may be such as capitalism and capitalism, sustainable development, private entrepreneurship, finance management, or even any other subfield. A theme that propels your interests will stir your spirit and enthusiasm all through your research.

  1. Narrow Down the Scope:

Depending on your starting point, look for a specific direction for your interest to be honed. Business is such a wide field, so try to get specific within the given subfield. Pick certain characteristics or topics that appeal to you. In addition, for example, if you are interested in marketing, you could roughly specialize in a specific industry, consumer behavior, digital marketing strategies, or branding.

  1. Conduct Preliminary Research:

Before you select a topic, read some material to develop a general understanding of the available literature. This is an important step because it will give you an idea of what has already been studied. It also helps in locating any possible gaps and areas that need further exploration.

  1. Identify Gaps and Research Questions:

In light of what you have already found, try to find gaps or unanswered questions in previously published publications. These gaps could be a venue for you to formulate a question on which you will conduct your research. The research question must have among its properties specificity, significance, and the capacity to add new findings.

  1. Consider Practical Relevance:

You should pay attention to the relevance to your academics. But the practical implication of your topic should also be a consideration. Is your research question capable of shedding any light on the struggles that businesses face in the real world? Will the implication be applied in business organizations, industries, and government?

  1. Discuss with Advisors or Mentors:

Pursue advice from academic advisors, professors, or mentors. They could be useful as they could bring in new ideas, designate one or more subjects, and help narrow down the research question.

  1. Brainstorm Multiple Ideas:

Don’t go for the first thought to pop in. Generate many different potential topics and research questions. This will be your chance to have multiple choices and your chances of settling on that subject you are passionate about will be enhanced.

  1. Evaluate Feasibility:

Review the feasibility of researching the selected topic. Is the right data and information available to you? Are the required resources accessible? Whether you will have access to the targeted data will be a concern.

  1. Check Recent Trends:

Keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and growing trends in the business sphere. The current trends or the changes that are taking place in the industry could be of interest and will act as the base for many wonderful dissertation ideas in the future.

  1. Test Your Topic:

The work does not stop upon doing that. By now you need to get feedback on your potential topic from your peers or colleagues and finally, if you are working professionally in the field. You need to note their input as it can help you modulate your research question and also make you aware that your topic is relevant and interesting.

Top 10 International Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Resilience and risk management of the global supply chain.
  2. Challenges of Cultural Differences as seen in International Business
  3. Impacts of Trade agreements on International Business Strategies
  4. Technology Transfer and Innovation in Joint Ventures among Nations.
  5. The Speed of Market Entry Modes in Emerging Markets
  6. Environmentally-Friendly Business Principles in Global Business Activities
  7. Digital Transformation Strategies for International Growth
  8. Culturing Diversity in a Multinational Team
  9. International Human Resource Management and Expatriate Responsibilities.
  10. Political Risk Analysis and Foreign Investors’ Determination


To sum up, the themes of business dissertation topics 2024 can be classified into diverse interconnected trends, issues, and paradigm shifts in various sectors of business. In terms of the breadth and depth of potential areas of research, the areas are too broad for researchers interested in making contributions to the business world to engage with. The aim is to highlight a thorough knowledge of the topic, a mindfulness of thinking, and a research capability to give instructive ideas that will be beneficial to business ecosystems or even industries or academia.

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