When Is Ramadan 2024 In Australia?

Australia is a diverse country with a population that includes people from various cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs, with more than 500,000 Muslims residing there. With the Islamic holy month of Ramadan approaching, now is a good time to learn about its significance for Muslims.

For Muslim overseas students in Australia, we have compiled a list of Muslim community organizations to join and Ramadan festivities and activities to participate in.

Ramadan in Australia: An Overview

Islam features various significant Islamic events. Nevertheless, Ramadan is considered one of the most sacred events in Islam. Annually, Muslims in Australia make specific preparations for the occasion. They eagerly anticipate the moon sighting to determine the official start date of Ramadan in Australia and organize their activities appropriately.

Ramadan 2024 Start and End Dates

It is anticipated that the month of Ramadan will begin in Australia on the evening of Wednesday, March 10, 2024, and will end on the evening of Friday, April 8, 2024. You can get comprehensive and accurate details about Ramadan in Australia here. You can use this gateway to determine the precise date of Ramadan in Australia. Alternatively, you can verify the dates of other significant Islamic events in Australia.

Ramadan Celebrations in Australia


Over half a million Muslims in Australia celebrate Ramadan. Annually, communities organize markets and public festivities. Ramadan has been increasingly observed in Australia in recent years. Markets and bazaars, particularly those focused on food, operate regularly throughout the month.
The Ramadan Nights Markets in Lakemba, Sydney, have gained significant popularity, operating from sunset until 3am every night throughout Ramadan. During Ramadan, visitors of various religions flock to the poor area, known for its distinctive attractions such as camel hamburgers, Turkish coffee, pani puri, cheese knafeh, and more. The suburb is predominantly occupied by Muslims.

Significance of Ramadan

Ramadan is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar and is practiced by about two billion Muslims globally. Observing fasting during Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which are the fundamental religious duties that every Muslim is required to do. The other pillars are belief in God, regular prayers, giving to charity, and a journey to Mecca.

Fasting allows Muslims to strengthen their spiritual connection with Allah, demonstrate compassion for the less fortunate, and cultivate virtues such as patience, discipline, and self-restraint. The month is seen as a period for fresh starts and commitment to charitable endeavors.

Traditions During Ramadan

During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, engage in special night prayers known as tarawih along with the five daily prayers, and emphasize charity and spirituality. Muslims refrain from engaging in immoral behaviors including gossiping, backbiting, and sexual activity during daylight hours. You may hear the greetings “Ramadan Mubarak” and “Ramadan Kareem” being exchanged.

All capable Muslims are required to participate in the Ramadan fast. Nevertheless, certain Muslims are not required to follow this rule. Pregnant women, young children, and individuals with diabetes are advised against fasting due to the potential danger of physical injury. Women, the elderly, very ill individuals, and travelers are also excused. And for students in this month Australia offers Essay Writing Help Australia to provide them with academic assistance in completing their homework.

There is a wide range of cultural rituals and traditions observed during Ramadan. Drummers in nations such as Turkey and Indonesia signal the pre-dawn feast of suhur. Egyptians display colorful lanterns called fanous. In the United Arab Emirates, during Sha’ban, which is the month preceding Ramadan based on the lunar calendar, youngsters walk door-to-door requesting sweets. Haq Al Laila heritage is regarded as a crucial element of the nation’s identity.

Food and festivities

Muslims abstain from eating or drinking from after suhur until the evening. After breaking the fast with water and three dates, following the example of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims come together for a meal known as iftar after performing the evening prayer, Maghrib. Various communities organize activities, markets, and iftar dinners that are accessible to the public.
Ramadan concludes with the celebratory festival of Eid al-Fitr (also known as Hari Raya in certain regions), during which Muslims come together to enjoy a feast, reunite with family, and commemorate the conclusion of the fasting period. During Eid al-Fitr, Muslims participate in a distinctive prayer, give money to youngsters in colorful envelopes, and begin the new month with a refreshed dedication to awareness.

Where to Celebrate Ramadan and Eid in Australia


Visit the lively Ramadan Nights Lakemba street festival from 21 March to 20 April 2023, or go to The Eid Show in Condell Park.


In Victoria, various events are taking place during Ramadan, including The Eid Show in Melbourne. Visit the Melbourne Muslim Events Facebook page for further event information.


United Muslims of Brisbane organizes many activities in Brisbane. Refer to their website or Facebook page for the latest information.


Perth Muslim Community Events is the ideal platform to keep informed about forthcoming events throughout Ramadan in Perth.


The Adelaide City Mosque is a great site to get information about Ramadan events, including workshops. You can be informed about upcoming events on its website.


The Islamic Society of ACT, located in Canberra Mosque, frequently updates its website with information about events for the Muslim community in Canberra.


Stay informed about the Islamic Society Of Darwin during Ramadan programs.


The Hobart Mosque Facebook page is a valuable resource for staying informed about forthcoming Ramadan events in Tasmania.


In conclusion, Ramadan 2024 in Australia holds great significance, fostering unity, spirituality, and community engagement. Join in the festivities and celebrations to experience the richness of this sacred month.

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